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EmpressTM High Performance Blender

TM High Performance Blender (500W)

EmpressTM High Performance Blender (500W) combines a high-speed motor and innovative blade design for the best in fine blending.


1) Powerful Motor

  • 500W motor that blends and grinds to extreme fineness and smoothness in seconds
  • Blades rotate at 23,000 rotations-per-minute (RPM) for quick powerful blending



2) Unbreakable Pitcher

  • Made of heavy duty polycarbonate
  • Designed to withstand extreme pressure and heat

3) Special Stainless Steel Blades

  • Heavy duty assembly with 4 integral stainless steel
    blades from Germany
  • Close, chiselled cutting edges and tooth-angled blades
    aim at precision cutting, grinding, mixing, chopping,
    pureeing and liquefying in seconds
  • The combination of wider blades and a broader base pitcher
    allows quick and efficient blending and chopping at ultra fine consistencies

4) High Performance – Blending, Crushing, Grinding & Mincing

  • Blends fibrous fruits and vegetables very fine and
    smooth for easy ingestion and digestion
  • Powerfully crushes ice-cubes to an
    ultra fine consistency for smoothies
  • Perfectly grinds all kinds of beans, spices or dry
    food ingredients into fine powder
  • Minces meat, makes sauces and paste

Perfect for Making Nutritionally Rich, ,
Great Tasting Beverages!!!!!

Vegetable Juices
Fruit Juices
Hot Beverages

It is healthier to consume home blended, natural juices and beverages than to buy pre-packed juices filled with unhealthy sugar, preservatives and colouring. High Performance Blending is a quick and hassle-free way to prepare nutrient-packed juices for the family.

  • Fruit and Vegetable Juices:
    Freshly made juices that deliver all the goodness of fibre, vitamins and other nutrients you need for a healthier lifestyle. Juices also help cleanse, heal and energise your body.
  • Healthy, Hot Beverages:
    Beans and grains like soybean and brown rice ground into a really fine powder make hot and nutritious cereal beverages that can help to build a stronger immune system, boost energy levels and prevent diseases.
  • Wholesome, Nutritious Baby Food:
    Babies need optimum nutrition for optimum growth, but many busy mothers have to resort to canned baby food. Now, you can prepare your own fresh, nourishing baby food at home, with no additives or preservatives – just puree fruit, meat or vegetables to the desired consistency.

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